Sustainable Initiative

sustainable-initiave-logoDoor County Pantry is committed to preserving the environment. We have undertaken a number of measures to make our packaging as eco-friendly and minimalist as possible.

Our products are packaged in quart, pint and 12-ounce glass jars which can be reused for other purposes or refilled with our products. Simply bring any empty jar back to the restaurant from which it came and receive $1 off your next purchase.

In addition to using recyclable glass bottles, we package our products in the most efficient way possible, both to reduce waste as well as minimize shipping costs. We only use boxes made of recyclable paper, which are sturdy and can also be reused. Our larger quantity packages are a better value for customers and a more responsible way to deliver our goods. Simply put, shipping one product at a time is cost prohibitive and wasteful.

However, we know that once you taste all that Door County Pantry has to offer, there’s no way you’ll be able to limit yourself to just one product.


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