Chicken Verde

Chicken Verde
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  1. 1 pound boneless thigh meat chopped
  2. 1 pound boneless breast chopped
  3. 2 cups pico from your local store's produce section;
  4. ... or chop 1 cup tomato, ½ cup cilantro, ½ cup onion, 1 jalapeno, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon salt…wha'la -- pico! 🙂
  5. 1 jar Door County Pantry's Mojo Rosa's Verde Salsa
  6. If needed add Water or chicken broth to thin
Place all ingredients in pot and
  1. Stew for 1 hour on stove top on medium; or at 175 in a dutch oven 4 hours; or in a Slow cooker on low all day.
  2. Serve as is or pull chicken with fork .
  3. Serve over brown rice, farro, use for nachos or tacos!
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